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Sabaidee and Welcome
to the Enchanting World of

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Far beyond toys, these extraordinary dolls capture the beauty, strength, and resilience of our Lao community.  Each doll is lovingly handcrafted and holds a special meaning with every stitch. These dolls represent inclusivity and belonging, inspired by the book "Noy's Journey to Belonging", authored by the visionary founder of Lao Dream Dolls, Niphaphone Robertson.

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Noy Dolls Large

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Noy Dolls Small

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Lao Blended Beauty

Tuy Doll

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Introducing the "Blended Lao Beauty" collection, inspired by the love and diversity within the Lao community.  Meet the cousins who embody the essence of this collection: Emma "Sengphachan", Novani "Toukta",  and Thelma Rose "Champa". They are the inspiration behind our "Blended Lao Beauty" collection. 


These three beautiful cousins represent the harmonious blend of Lao heritage with Caucasian, African American, and Mexican backgrounds. Incorporating themes from the book, "Noy's Journey to Belonging," we aim to promote inclusivity and a sense of belonging within our collection.


The Blended Lao Beauty collection is now available for pre-orders, and the launch is scheduled for February 1st! Don't miss out! Shop NOW and preorder to secure your Blended Lao Beauty! 

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