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Sabaidee and Welcome
to the Enchanting World of

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Our dolls are one-of-a-kind creations that reflect the beauty and richness of Laos. They come in various sizes, each one carefully designed with intricate details, perfect for both play and display. These dolls represent inclusivity and belonging, inspired by the book "Noy's Journey to Belonging", authored by the visionary founder of Lao Dream Dolls, Niphaphone Robertson. When you select a doll, you also have the option to add Noy's Journey to Belonging, a beautiful book that tells the story of a Lao girl looking for a sense of belonging. This book is a great addition to gift alongside our dolls. Bring them home TODAY! 

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At Lao Dream Dolls, we want to bring joy and diversity to our customers with our lovely collection of dolls. Our goal is to provide dolls that are unique in their look and backstory, showcasing the beauty of Lao culture. When you make a purchase, you have the option to add the inspiring book, "Noy's Journey to Belonging", which follows the journey of a young Lao girl finding acceptance and friendship. Additionally, you can select the color of clothing for your doll, making it a truly personalized experience. We now offer a "customized" Lao doll collection, where you can make a doll of yourself or your loved ones! 
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Introducing the "Blended Lao Beauty" collection, inspired by the love and diversity within the Lao community.  Meet the cousins who embody the essence of this collection: Emma "Sengphachan", Novani "Toukta", Thelma Rose "Champa", and Jesa Sangthai. They are the inspiration behind our "Blended Lao Beauty" collection. 


These beauties represent the harmonious blend of Lao heritage with Caucasian, African American, and Hispanic backgrounds. Incorporating themes from the book, "Noy's Journey to Belonging," we aim to promote inclusivity and a sense of belonging within our collection.

Get your own Blended Lao Beauty doll or select our customized doll option and take home a Lao doll that represents you or your loved ones! 


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